Sea Land Naturals & Organics is located in San Antonio, Texas. All of our ingredients come from quality, regulated resources and our products are all packaged locally. We choose as many Certified Organic ingredients as possible and all of our ingredients are 100% natural. There are no harmful chemicals added.

We are dedicated to producing quality, natural skincare cosmetics with only the best that nature has to offer, from the sea and on the land. We are the better-for-your-skin skincare company.

We believe in creating trusting relationships with our customers and being good stewards of the earth.

  • Our lab DOES NOT, nor have we ever tested on animals.
  • Our lab uses ingredients as close to the natural source as possible to bring you the finest products.

We use responsible manufacturing processes to reduce waste and to increase our dependence on renewable energy sources.

We are committed to providing the right products for customers and work with a FDA Registered and a USDA Organic Certified lab, manufacturing under the highest standards of quality control. Our lab adheres to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), and perform total aerobic microbial, yeast and mold count testing on each batch we manufacture.  Our lab tests for stable and balanced pH and viscosity to guarantee consistent results. These standards and guidelines form the foundation for our processes and help us meet our commitment to delivering you the highest quality products.

All of our skincare products are produced for cosmetic purposes only. The information on this website and the products we sell are not for the purpose of diagnosis, treatment, mitigation, or prevention of any disease. Please seek the advice of your physician for health concerns.